It is currently witnessed that a lot of online sites are migrating from Magento enterprise to Shopify plus. The customization offered by Shopify plus has a pivotal role to play in this.

Get the results you want

In case you are unable to find your desired app in Magento or Shopify plus market, you will have to build your own to cater to your requirements.

The clients of Shopify plus did not have this option previously. Considering that it is a hosted platform, Shopify Plus did not allow access to the database. Thus, if the developers had to make any changes, they had to do so via the API.

This is no longer the case. Using the Scripts that Shopify Plus has recently released, the developers now have the opportunity of customizing the apps as per their requirement. The developers can now enter the server of Shopify for customization using the Scripts.

These custom scripts ensure that the time and cost of customization is reduced significantly. Furthermore, you can ensure that the needs of your business are fulfilled. You get advanced functionality and that too without having to make any compromise on flexibility.

Since you do not get any standard of code in Magento, customizations are far less efficient. You have the option of hiring a developer for the purpose, but you will not get any guidance if you go wrong.

No strain on the budget

The best thing about migrating from your Magento store to Shopify Plus is that it is entirely free of cost. You will find Shopify Plus to be worth its money and thus migrating to it will work in the favor of your business and take it to great heights.

Shopify Plus makes things easier for you by migrating the data such as the details of your customers, order history and products from your Magento store to Shopify. Furthermore, platform fees for six months are also waived.

However, there is one thing you will need to remember, if you want to use this deal, you will need to sign a two-year contract with Shopify.

All in all, you can be certain that Shopify plus will play a significant role in taking your business to the next level. Shopify caters to the needs of the clients, and thus it is highly unlikely that you will have a reason to complain about their services. Store migrations can be quite tedious. However, Shopify aims to make sure that you are provided with optimal feasibility and convenience.

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